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Annecy Lac Photo (ALP’) organizes in Annecy his second photographic festival on the theme "Imperfect moments" from March 17 to March 26, 2023.


Jean Paul Sartre (french writer) wrote :

«I live in the past. I collect everything that happened to me and rearrange it. From afar, that way it doesn’t hurt,
it could almost fool you. All our history is rather beautiful.
I help it along and it becomes a series of perfect moments.
Then I close my eyes and try to imagine myself living within.»

Isn’t it easier to live with “imperfect moments”?

We experience them on a daily basis or on grand occasions, and sometimes remain unforgettable memories.

They continue all along human history.
They have changed lives, fates….

For this 2nd ALP photo festival, which will take place in Annecy from March 17 to 26, 2023, ALP’ invites you to take part in the photo competition, from September 1, 2022 until January 15, 2023, with a series of 8 photos on the theme:

«Imperfect Moments»

Conditions of participation:

The participant has the right to enter only one coherent series of 8 photos.

Each participant may only send one entry. The closing date for sendind entries before is the 15th January 2023. The entry will include the application form and 8 photos, and will be sent by wetransfer.com to the following address:


The photos making up the series will be in Jpeg format, without borders, signature or watermark, with dimensions of 1920 pixels on the longest side, named as follows: Last name_First Name_order number in the series (01, 02, 03… 08).

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