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Annecy Lac Photo (ALP’) is organizing its third photography festival from March 14 to March 23, 2025. Save the date!

Adult Photo Contest – Call for applications

“The noise of the world evokes the cacophony, turmoil and confusion inherent in modern life. It symbolizes the constant tumult of existence, where information, social interactions and responsibilities intertwine to create an incessant hum. Imagine a hubbub of voices, phone rings, car horns and everyday noises superimposed on each other, creating a permanent background sound.

This concept has been explored in literature, philosophy and art. Some view “the noise of the world” as a source of alienation, while others see it as an opportunity for growth and adaptation. Either way, it reflects our times and our complex relationship with the noisy environment around us.

It could be a chaotic symphony where each individual plays their own melody, and the whole creates a unique and sometimes discordant composition.”

For this 3rd ALP photo festival, which will take place in Annecy from March 14th to 23rd, 2025, ALP’ invites you to take part in the photo competition, until november 03rd, 2024, with a series of 8 photos on the theme:

“The noise of the world”

Conditions of participation:

The participat not have been printed or exhibited during the 2023 edition.

The participant has the right to enter only one coherent series of 8 photos.

Each participant may only send one entry. The closing date for sendind entries before is the 03rd november 2024. The entry will include the application form and 8 photos, and will be sent by to the following address:

The photos making up the series will be in Jpeg format, without borders, signature or watermark, with dimensions of 1920 pixels on the longest side, named as follows: Last name_First Name_order number in the series (01, 02, 03… 08).

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